Consumer Math Using Excel

Teacher:  Kathy Franda

Grades: 9 - 12

Meets:  Monday  8:45 - 9:45  Only Fall Semester

Class Description: 

I need to “balance” my checking account? Can I just charge it and pay for it later? What is an insurance deductible? How do I fill out the W-9 form at my new job?  Is there a tool that will make my calculations and comparisons a little easier? 

Come join us as we dive into practical, everyday, consumer math.  This class will show you how to apply your math skills to real life situations such as budgeting your money, paying taxes, balancing your bank accounts, saving your money, buying a car, calculating discounts at stores, etc.  No need to bring a calculator. We are going to learn to use Excel to help us answer these questions. We will learn how to format worksheets, enter formulas, and insert graphics and graphs in your worksheets.

The majority of the information will be covered during class time and homework will be minimal.  Laptops should be brought to class each week.  Textbook, Money Matters for Teens by Larry Burkett,  will be loaned for the semester.

Prerequisites: Minimal typing skills are helpful.

Number of students: Minimum of 3, Maximum of 18

Homework: They will be less than 1 hour of homework per week.

Cost:  $40 per month

Supplies that the students should bring to class: 

You don’t need to purchase any books.

·         Laptop with Excel (any version is fine).  (Option: can use Google spreadsheets online or Open Office but it only has the basics and not full functionality of Excel)

·         Pencil/Pen


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Consumer Math Using Excel