Apologia Chemistry

Teacher:  Michelle Miller

Grades: 9 - 12

Meets: Two Sessions

    T/Th  12:00 - 1:30   FULL

     M/W  8:30 - 10:00   FULL

Class Description: Apologia Chemistry is an introductory high school Chemistry course.  The class includes an introduction to lab techniques using safe household chemicals and basic lab equipment.  Apologia Chemistry is appropriate for the average student as well as the gifted student.  This course can serve as both a launching pad into AP Chemistry or as a basic high school course.  Since common household chemicals are used, a better understanding of everyday chemical relationships is gained.

We will complete the entire text as well as some additional homework problems.  Each module will take two weeks and the test for each module will be given in class.    

Prerequisites: In preparation for this class the student should have completed Saxon Algebra I or an equivalent.  Much time will be spent in class reinforcing and making applications of the math previously learned, but the student should be comfortable with the use of equations and finding unknown values.  (The course is sequenced to coincide with topics being taught in Saxon Algebra II and although not required, is recommended as a co-requisite.)

Maximum number of students that you will allow to take this class: 12,

Homework: Students will need to set aside 4 - 6 hours for homework and lab write-ups each week.

Cost:  $ 80 per month 

Supplies that the students should bring to class:  Each student will be supplied a copy of Exploring Creation with Chemistry (FIRST EDITION).   The text must be returned at the end of the year before final grades will be released. The students are also expected to supply a bound lab book and a scientific calculator.  Any scientific calculator is acceptable, but the TI-83+ or TI-84 will be emphasized and is highly recommended.  The lab book requirements will be explained the first day of class.


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